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Theme Park Expansion
Fall 2018
THED 777: Collaborative Design Studio
Professor: Greg Andrade
Collaboration with Ana Susana Martinez, Jessyka Colon & Ray Camacho
Create a new land for Evermore, an interactive and live theatrical theme park located in Utah.
  • Autocad
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
Welcome to Tartessus, the legendary land of the imaginary. Rejoice in the kingdom of mythical creatures and discover the history of this Spanish realm. Meet fabled characters and learn about the cultures that now mark this historic land, a melting pot of knowledge and traditions.
Join King Santiago and Queen Leonor on their quest to expand the empire beyond the horizon and conquer the lands that lie ahead. Enlist on epic quests at the Guild’s Den and rove around meandering streets that will lead you to unforgettable adventures where both beautiful and terrifying creatures will lead you into the boundaries of the unknown.
Ground floor-03.png
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